A great test for improving

Hey everyone!

I´m writing this post from home after the test we did the day before yesterday.

Looking back at the GP overall, the truth is that I thought I was going to have a great race at Brno, but it turned out to be a tricky weekend. I wasn’t getting good vibes during the whole GP.

During the race, I didn’t have the sensitivity I needed to brake in time and overtake my rivals. This made it really hard for me and the result was not what we had hoped for.

On the other hand, the day before yesterday we had a test with the aim of improving and confirming some ideas for the future. We’ve had time to try some new settings and find solutions that will help us to keep up with the competition for the remainder of the season. At the moment it’s hard to find ways to improve, so our aim is to adapt as best as possible to the situation and get the best result.

I would like to congratulate the Spanish athletes who have been giving their all at the Olympic Games over the past two weeks. They have won 17 medals and have frankly outdone themselves. The Games have been fantastic for Spanish sport, so congratulations to Spain’s champions – you are a true inspiration.

Best wishes,
Dani Pedrosa

Hi Dani! What’s the best thing about your job? What do you enjoy most about being a MotoGP rider? Thanks for your answer.

Hi Adriana,
It’s an easy answer because the best thing is riding the bike. I also like working with the engineers to develop the bike. Learning is another thing I like: you constantly learn about the sport, life, and yourself.