End of the year on the podium

Hi! I'm writing to you from Cheste. As I guess you already know, we will be here until...


I’m writing to you from Cheste. As I guess you already know, we will be here until tomorrow, testing and working on the 2015 bike.

The season is over and you could say that just two days later, we’re already in full pre-season. This doesn’t stop!

Sunday’s race was a bit strange. Everything went well all weekend and although it was quite windy, we could put in some fast times. On Sunday however, the weather changed.

A simple few drops of rain during the race means that you have to change plan and you have to think on the bike what is the best option; keep going or stop and swap bike…

In the end the race was a bit watered-down. Our goal was always to win but finishing the season on the podium at home, in front of our fans, is a good way to end the year.

After the race, we we’re able to spend some time with the fan club. We won’t be able to see each other again until the Spanish GP next year, so we wanted to spend some time and chat with them. They have supported me all year and also let me know that they will be there next year too. They’re so awesome!

Now it’s time to carry on working hard. Yesterday we went out on this year’s bike first; a couple of laps to check the track conditions. But after that we started working on the 2015 prototype. This test is really important as we have to lay the foundations on which the factory will work, to develop the bike as appropriately as possible.

Big hugs,