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    Question time and see you in 2017!

    Just like I promised, this week we’re back with something special. Lots of you have left questions on...
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    A great year ahead of us

    The 2017 pre-season has already begun. The test were positive, and I think the results will be a...
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    Ready to fight in 2017

    I was finally able to get back to where I'm happiest—the track. It wasn't easy after almost a...
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    Back to competing

    Finally! After three weeks of rehabilitation and the restlessness of not being able to compete, we're off to...
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    Almost there!

    I’m getting better with every day that goes by. Physical therapy is going well, and at this time...
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    Itching to get back to competing

    It seems like my physical therapy is going well. The fracture on my collarbone is healing properly.
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    Getting better and doing just fine

    Thanks for all of your support over this past week. It's been a tough one, but thanks to...
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    Back to the land of the rising sun

    The Motegi track is one of my favourites and I have had some great experiences there. I have...
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    First of all I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday...
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    A bittersweet weekend

    After the test session in Aragón we'll be heading to Tarragona because on Friday we're having a special...
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    Fans and Aragón

    Last Wednesday I was in Cartagena and Santomera where I had a great time with the fans who...
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    A well-earned victory

    I'm really happy about the win, but most of all I'm satisfied—and I think this is also true...