Straight to San Marino

Hi everyone!

The British GP posed some challenging situations over the weekend due to the weather conditions. Even though it’s summer, it was very cold, and that prompted us to use soft tyres almost all of the time.

I’m happy, not so much with the end result, because I would have liked to be up on the podium, but because of the dynamics we achieved throughout the GP.

Since Friday, we decided not to make too many changes, and rather to adapt to the changing track conditions at any given moment during the GP. I felt comfortable in the wet conditions during Saturday’s qualifying session and on Sunday I was able to keep up a good pace throughout the race.

We’ll be travelling to San Marino in a few days, but the next GP is in Motorland and there’s not long to go until then. I’d like to mention that my fan club will be raffling a pair of my boots among those who buy a GP ticket through them. If you’d like to take part, you can find out more at this link.

Congratulations Toni! During the weekend we were waiting for our teammate Toni Bou to be crowned champion, and he made it happen on Saturday evening. Twenty world championships is really something else! Enjoy it and I’ll see you soon.

Question of the week from Esther
Hi Dani, is there any special saying that motivates you for your races?

Hi Esther. A saying I like a lot is: “strength and honour”.

Best wishes,
Dani Pedrosa