Time to move up in Silverstone

Hello everybody,

After last week’s test, I was lucky to have the chance to enjoy the incredible landscapes of Lake Geneva on a day with some great weather. I made the most of this little breather since we’ve had a busy August with hardly any time to take a break.

After that day of relaxation I went back to my training routine. I’ve done quite a bit of cycling since there are some wonderful mountain routes nearby. I’ve also followed the Vuelta de España over the weekend which went through some incredible mountain areas like La Camperona, Alto del Naranco, or the Lagos de Covadonga. Those are three amazing stages that are worth taking the time to enjoy.

Now I’ve got my sights set on Silverstone, I can’t wait to start the free practice sessions and find the best way to be competitive on Sunday. We still need to find the right setting for us to set out with a good chance of reaching the podium, and on Friday I hope to make progress towards this goal.

Why do you wear number 26, and what meaning does it have for you when taking part in the World Championship?

Hi Elisa,
It’s the first number I was given when I started riding. It was just the luck of the draw that I got 26 in my first race, and since it went pretty well I decided I’d carry on wearing it.

Best wishes,
Dani Pedrosa.