2013 a fantastic year

This week our guest is Rhys Edwards, HRC Communication and Marketing Manager.

Hello everyone,

I’m really happy to once again have the opportunity to write to you all again in this Repsol blog, especially this year where we celebrate our 20th Anniversary!

2013 was another fantastic year for the team and it was really something special to be a part of the team and witness Marc’s Championship from within. To see how he handled the pressure and to see how important the fan’s support is throughout the good and the bad times.

In the end I lost count of the records Marc broke last year! It was certainly a challenge trying to get them all together to give to the media! The fact he was able to break all those records is not only testament to him as a rider but to the whole Repsol Honda Team and also the support from all the fans.

This season, we will continue working along the lines that have given us so much success. With Marc and Dani leading the team, there is no doubt that we have two tough and believe me, very very hard working riders. Marc is defending his title and Dani chasing his first, and they won’t stop until the Repsol Honda Team is on top.

It is a big responsibility to represent the best motorcycle racing team in the World. But I thrive from this challenge we are all happy to embrace the task at hand. In the future, we will be able to look back and say, I was in the Repsol Honda Team and I gave everything I had to honour this team.

To sum up… nobody can take away the good times we’ve had!