A season I’ll never forget

Hi to all the Box Repsol friends!

I’m Rebeca Liso, Cristian García’s co-driver on the Mitsubishi Repsol team. At the start of the season, he told you what the the Championship is like for us inside the car. Now, we’re here to tell you we’ve won the 2016 Spanish Asphalt Rally Championship.

Fans of this sport normally don’t know very much about what the co-driver does. The truth is that what we do is very important for the final result. We start by preparing everything we need to compete. We also study maps of the stages before going to the Rally. All in all, our work starts way before the race.

On race day, it’s important to keep in mind the time limits, which are very strict and can result in disqualification when exceeded. We also have to look out for everything going on during each stage which drivers cannot pay attention to. While we’re there, drivers can focus on the track and not worry about anything else. All this is essential to achieve good results.

After a season which finished with the Championship, I think the most important part, and what is key, has been keeping concentrated, trying to do everything as well as we could without thinking about anything else. The vehicle worked perfectly and that allowed us to be competitive in each stage.

However, we never thought we would go so fast or win so many races. Even halfway through the season, when everyone was saying that we could win the Championship, we went from race to race not believing it.

After all, we weren’t really sure at the beginning of the year. For example, the Sierra Morena Rally in Cordoba in April was really difficult for me. I was really nervous. When we finished, Cristian said to me, “Oh dear, I don’t think that went too well.” But then, when we saw our times, we couldn’t believe it! We had the best time.

At the Princesa de Asturias rally, we didn’t race very well, but at the next event in Llanes we were on top form. We were certain we were going to compete well and it was a track we like a lot. And that’s what happened. I think that’s when we started to think that we were in with a chance of winning the Championship.

Now that we’ve had such a good season, I remember how it began for me and it’s really exciting. My brother was the person who introduced me to this world. I went everywhere with him. We started racing in Aragón and, at the first race where I saw a chance to get in a car, I wanted to be a driver too.

Although Cristian is without a doubt a great driver, I would like to get behind the wheel sometime. It’s something I’ve thought about. I took part in a slalom once and the experience was exhilarating. And I was only in the zero car (the safety car that opens stages in rallies). I take every chance to drive that I get, and I don’t rule out the idea of riding in other vehicles. I’d also like to compete in Car Cross competitions and be a co-driver in gravel or dirt road rallies, in addition to asphalt rallies.

We’re already thinking about the future, about next season. What we like is competing, and that’s what we want to continue doing. In this journey, receiving support from a brand like Repsol—such an important name in the world of motorsports—has been key. With Repsol as our sponsor, we grab people’s attention more as we go through the stages and more people come to watch us. So, we are really happy and hope to continue with them in the future.

Thanks to all the Box Repsol followers! Now, let’s enjoy the races!

Rebeca Liso