TONI BOU responds to questions from his fans

The day he became World Champion for the 20th time, we asked you to send in questions for Toni. We’ve spoken to him and here you have your answers.

    Toni Bou exultan after winning his 20th World Championship in Italy
  1. How does it feel to win so many titles in such a difficult speciality? Question from Carla Deleito.

    Hi Carla. I’m over the moon. It took a lot of hard work, and the truth is we are really pleased. What’s more, this season was very difficult because of the injury I had at the beginning, which makes it even better (if that is possible). Winning a 20th World Championship is incredible.

  2. When did you start to realise that you were the best in your speciality? Question from Pedro Álvarez.

    Hi Pedro. Even if it doesn’t seem like it looking at the results, it’s never easy. Winning is always a challenge. I like to keep my feet on the ground, and it’s very difficult to defend a title. I started to realise that I was doing well when I won my first World Championship, because it shows that you have been the best in that year.

  3. After winning 20 World Championships it must feel like you’ve won it all. What is your next challenge? Question from Roger García.

    Thanks for your question, Roger. My challenge now is to keep getting better. I think we are helping the sport evolve little by little, and that’s the best way for me to stay motivated every day.

  4. What training routine do you follow during a week when you don’t have a Grand Prix? Question from Andrés Segura.

    Hi Andrés. The training routine varies depending on whether or not there is a GP that weekend. To answer your question, when we don’t have a GP coming up, the training sessions are longer. We do three hours of motorcycling a day plus a gym session. We usually go to the gym two days a week when there is a GP, but when there isn’t, we go almost every day and mainly do recovery workouts.

  5. After having won so many World Championships, what do you find different about each one of them? Question from scn 22.

    Hi Scn 22. Well, they are all different and I have memories from each one. It’s true that the championships where I suffered the most are the ones that I remember best.

  6. Toni. Do you still get the same thrill as when you were just starting to compete? From Kriis Kik.

    Hi Kriis. Well, yes, I do. In the end, the thing that you’re most passionate about in life, the thing that becomes your work and your inspiration, makes it possible to find motivation everywhere. In the training sessions, in our day-to-day routine, and especially in the competitions.

  7. Hi Toni. Is it true that there is a roundabout named after you in your hometown? Question from Joan Calsina.

    Hi Joan. Yes, ha ha ha, it’s true. I’m very honoured that in my hometown, Piera, they wanted to do something like that. Every time I go by I remember, and when they decided to name it after me, I was very excited.

  8. Do you ever think about changing discipline and doing enduros or rallies like Laia Sanza? From elena bg

    Hi Elena. Well, I’ve done a bit of Grand Touring and some rallies. The truth is, I’m not very good at it. I’m much better at Trial, and that’s what I’ll keep doing because it’s what I like best.