What you missed from Marc Márquez’s World Championship

Greetings to all the friends of the Repsol Team.

What a season Marc Márquez has given us! Race after race, he’s been racking up points until he won the World Championship. That’s why we want to go through the Japanese GP 2016 with you and give you a look behind the scenes at one of the events that will go down in the history of motorcycling and the Repsol Honda Team.

Wednesday at noon: The team starts to set up the box in Japan.

Wednesday 2 p.m.: After setting up at Motegi, Team members rest at the hospitality cabin before starting the GP.

Thursday 5 p.m.: Marc rides over to the Media Center on a scooter, through the paddock. It’s the GP’s media day and number 93 offers the press his first impressions: “At Motegi we’ll try to lose as few points as possible. That said, we’ll go into it with an open mind, aiming for the best results possible but prepared to adapt to the circumstances.”

Thursday 6 p.m.: Marc Márquez speaks with the Japanese media. He tries his hand at Kanji script, the characters used to write in Japanese.

Friday at noon: Friday opens with the FP1 and the FP2, and Marc has the second and fourth best times. Between practice sessions there’s always time to chat with fans who have come to support the riders. Japanese fans are very enthusiastic and many want to have their pictures taken with their idol. Marc didn’t think twice about posing with them!

Saturday 9:45 a.m.: A big day for Marc: the day of the pole. He wore his new Maneki-Neko or “Good Luck Cat” helmet. It is a popular Japanese sculpture and it’s believed to give good luck to its owner. Fans were delighted to be there for the first time he wore it!

Saturday 2:30 p.m.: Marc was on a circuit he hadn’t won in MotoGP yet, and it was crucial that he get into the front row. He and his team went over all the last details carefully as usual. All signs pointed towards him taking the pole position.

Saturday 4:00 p.m.: After positioning himself in the front row for the start of the race, Marc got a very interesting gift from a Japanese fan: A personalised chocolate!

Sunday 1:50 p.m.: Finally, it’s Sunday, race day. Even with maximum concentration, his possibilities of walking away a champion are few. Nevertheless, Marc is certain he can fight for victory, he was in the groove.

Sunday 2:40 p.m.: When the stars aligned, his brother Alex and his friend José Luis were there getting the t-shirts and the flag ready to celebrate. The impossible was made possible, and after the victory there were celebrations and congratulations.

Sunday 2:45 p.m.: Marc, on cloud nine, celebrated his fifth world title. #GiveMe5!

Sunday 5:30 p.m.: Once the celebration in the Repsol Box was over, Marc and Santi Hernández hung back chatting about the season, all the hard work, and the Team effort that had once again paid off.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip to the Japanese GP as much as we have, sharing the moments we experienced with Marc and the Team that didn’t make it on TV.

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