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Who we are?

This blog aims to open the doors of our home and share with you how we live the world of sponsorship each of the members of this great family we are the Repsol. The Repsol Team has been supporting the world of competition for over 40 years, strongly backing values such as hard-work, effort, innovation and commitment. Tomorrow is as important for us as the present, supporting our current sportsmen and women and at the same time encouraging those that will be the champions of the future.This is the reason why we are strongly backing the FIM CEV Repsol sponsoring all the categories in this competition, with the aim of providing our young riders with the support they need to take their first steps, the most important ones in their learning process. The Repsol Team participates in many disciplines, this blog contains information on all the parts that make up the Repsol Team all of them essential if we are to achieve the dreams we have set ourselves:
  • BALI_HRC-47
    Dani Pedrosa and Marc Márquez, Repsol Honda Team riders in the MotoGP class of the World Motorcycling Championship.
  • moto3
    Fabio Quartararo, Jorge Navarro and María Herrera Repsol riders in the Moto3 class of the World Motorcycling Championship.
  • Our mechanics
    Our mechanics, who battle day in day out to improve, so that the riders only have to think about giving their best in each race. They are an essential part of the team making sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.
  • 04Jerez14Mgp_600
    The fans that support us so much, throughout the whole season, who accompany us in every dream we strive to make real.
  • FD4R0509
    The FIM CEV Repsol, we are the main sponsor of the Spanish Championship where so many up and coming riders fight to make their dream come true: to move up to the World Championship.
  • World Trial Championship
    World Trial Championship, with the riders Toni Bou, Jaime Busto and Takahisa Fujinami, harvesting a host of titles that has made history in the world of Trial.
  • FD4R1443
    Bravo 3, acrobatics team with the riders Anselmo Gámez, Castor Fantoba and Juan Velarde.
  • IMG_1959
    Repsol Monlau School is one of our bets on the future, teachers and students will be featured in this blog.