24 hours in Indonesia and off to Malaysia

Hi everyone,

The Australian Grand Prix left me with a bittersweet aftertaste. Obviously, it’s hard to be happy when you don’t finish the race, but it’s important to take something positive away, and I need to congratulate the team for the great work they did over the weekend.

The weather complicated things a bit, but we had a good feeling before the race. I tried to set the pace from the front and get a few seconds’ advantage, but a mistake on turn four kept us from scoring points as we have been doing until now.

By taking extra risks I got what was coming to me, and in the end it cost me the race. Later on in the box I was in a bad mood, and Santi came and said “don’t get worked up, you’re the World Champion”. That made me smile, and I forgot about the mistake I’d made and put the anger behind me.

After all, I’ll always have the memory of racing alongside a legend like Nicky Hayden, even if neither of us were able to finish the race!

Later that night I had dinner with the team, and the next day we were off to the airport. We’re travelling from Yakarta, in Indonesia, where we’ve just spent the day at a Honda event. I’ve had a great time in the past 24 hours with the warm and enthusiastic greetings we always get from people.

Now I’m focused on the Malaysian GP. I want to enjoy it and go for the best possible result as it’s one of the last races of 2016. The Fan Club is going to be in Sepang this weekend, too. I really appreciate the effort they make to come.

The Grand Prix in Sepang will be a challenge. We managed to win there in 2014 but it’s not been the best track for me in terms of getting top results. Regardless, we’re all going to give it our all to put the finishing touches to the Asia and Oceania tour.

Question of the week from Natasha
Hi Marc! Enjoy the races you’ve got left and I wish you the best of luck, as always. My question is: does it make you nervous having your dad watch your races from the box?

Hi Natasha. First of all, thanks for your support.
To answer your question, not especially. There are a lot of people in the Box and I don’t stop to think whether my dad’s there in the back. He’s always supported me and been there for me, so I’m used to it by now.

Marc Márquez.