A GP with good memories

Hi everyone,

This year, the calendar is different to other seasons and we have four GP races in five weeks. We now have another two in a row coming up, so I’ve been training as much as possible in the days between Brno and Silverstone.

During this break at home I haven’t wasted the opportunity to take my bicycle out for a spin and go for a run with my brother around Cervera, even though the heat has been suffocating. I’m sure it won’t be like this in England, hahaha… I’ve also enjoyed the Aquelarre in Cervera, one of my hometown’s most famous festivals.

The great thing about having a weekend off is that I could watch the FIM CEV Repsol International Championship and the Formula 1. What a race Fernando Alonso had! Finishing 7th after starting way in the back was quite a feat. Congratulations, Fernando!

Tomorrow we leave for England and we’re all very excited for it. I really like the circuit at Silverstone and the British GP brings back a lot of good memories because that’s where I took my first podium in the 2008 World Championship at Donington Park. I’m optimistic about this race, and I think we’ll be more competitive than in the last two.

Hi Marc. Before a race, do you try to practice the circuit on the PlayStation? From Nick de Jong

Hi Nick,
Sometimes I play. I’m not very good but I do enjoy it, and even more when I beat my brother. We play a lot of motorbike games, but we get more into football ones. That said, right before a race I prefer to concentrate on what I’m going to do.

Best wishes,
Marc Márquez