Better than expected

Hey everyone!

If there is anything that makes the British GP unique, it is the charity auction on Thursday and the meet-and-greet on Friday. It is incredible to see the fans in Silverstone and when we went to Donington Park. These are fans who are there rain or shine. They are outstanding.

As usual, the weather played a leading role at Silverstone. It began to rain mid-morning on Saturday and we couldn’t ride in dry conditions. Since there wasn’t any rain at the end of the race, we lost a bit of our point of reference from the work we had done on Friday.

With a possibility of rain, I choose to go with a soft front tyre for the race, unlike my competitors. I think this decision was a mistake because right from the start I realised that it wasn’t the correct choice. Even so, I saved the tyres a bit so I would have more options when there were few laps left.

And what a finish! I felt I had shot at finishing second and that cost me a place on the podium. Looking at it optimistically, I’ve managed to keep a good distance between my competitors and myself with fourth place, which is very positive, just as it seemed at the start.

After the GP, I was lucky enough to sleep at home. Monday was a rest day, and on Wednesday we’re going straight to Misano, which means we won’t have much time to train. But, of course, we’ll go to San Marino, like always, seeking the best result.

I would like to send my congratulations and a slap on the back to a legend in motorsports, Toni Bou. Twenty world championships is an impressive figure. This and his win percentage define him as an extraordinary rider. You’re a legend! Now on to the next one.

I’d also like to congratulate Tim Gajser, who won the MXGP (Motocross) World Championship last weekend at the Americas Grand Prix.

Question of the week from Natasha Kuc
Hi, Marc! My question is: Who has the shorter temper? You or Álex? Ha ha ha. Hello from Argentina!

Hi, Natasha.
Álex has a much shorter temper. Ha ha ha.

All the best,
Marc Márquez