Finally home

Phew! It’s been an exhausting three weeks but now I’m finally back home. I would’ve liked to end the tour with a better result in Malaysia, but in general these weeks have been positive, as we’re leaving Asia with the championship under our belt and that’s what counts.

This part of the competition is exhausting, but one of the good things is that we get to travel all over the world and discover new places. Even still, when I arrived in Malaysia I needed some peace and quiet, and thankfully the hotel here is very close to the circuit and the airport. Sepang is a spectacular circuit, even though it can be scary as it has such extreme weather conditions.

On Saturday, the day began well as we had very good results in the morning. However in the evening, we started to think it would be a difficult GP due to the wet track. Despite all this, we were able to place fourth. Once the Q2 was finished, I went to a Repsol event where Hiroshi Aoyama and I presented a new line of passenger car lubricants.

In the race, I felt good and tried to fight for first position despite the rain, but the wet asphalt caused me to fall. Luckily, my bike wasn’t damaged and I was able to get it back on the track and finish the race. I want to thank my fan club for making the effort to go all the way to Malaysia, you’re the best!

Now I’ll be at home for a bit, and I was really excited to get back! I was tired when I finished the tour, but immensely happy to have received the title at Motegi. I can’t deny that I had a few stomach problems last week, but luckily, having some home-cooked meals and resting in my own bed was all I needed to feel new again.

I’m planning to get some rest this week, but we still need to keep training to be on top form for the last race in Valencia, and also because the pre-season tests start right after the Grand Prix.

Question of the week from Karen Olarve
Hi Marc! Good luck in the remaining races of the MotoGP. My question is: which of the three categories was the easiest: MotoGP, Moto2, or Moto3?

Hi Karen! None of them is easy. When you’re in 125, which is the lowest category, you are still learning and all the bikes offer similar performance. You keep learning little by little until you’re finally in MotoGP, competing with the greatest riders in the world on the most powerful machines.

Best wishes
Marc Márquez