On my way to one of my favourite circuits

It’s GP week again! I’ve had little time to rest after Misano, and it’s starting to take a toll after two consecutive weeks of racing.

This weekend I found the time to take a break and go on a trip to the Pyrenees with some friends. I don’t usually do it, but it’s been an enjoyable experience and you have to make the most of nice weather. It’s good to get away from the races every now and again and take the time to appreciate a place as spectacular as the Comapedrosa peak.

I’ve also been doing Motocross and training for the Aragon GP, which I’m very excited about because it’s one of my favourite circuits. I love the track and I’m happy to be racing there again this year, supported by my fan club and so close to home.

Best wishes,
Marc Márquez.

Hi Marc! I visited your museum in Cervera not too long ago, it’s unbelievable to see your entire career in one room, it was really exciting! What do you feel when you’re there? Cheers champ!

Hello Ester,

The first few times I was there I was in awe because it’s a big place and you see all your trophies laid out and the bikes from when you were a child. Now that it’s been five years, even though the first impression isn’t the same, it feels like coming home.

I’m really happy that those of you who visit the museum are as amazed by it as I was the first time I saw it!