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  1. This blog is a moderated forum. It is open to participation, although Repsol, S.A. (hereinafter, Repsol) reserves the right to periodically revise the comments received.
  2. Polite language is required, avoiding coarse and/or disrespectful words. Publishing any text with illegal, obscene, slanderous, threatening and/or xenophobic content, that includes lies, jibes, swear words, insults, or advertising or commercial messages and, in general, any content that may be offensive and/or damage the image of Repsol or any of the Grupo Repsol companies, or of third parties and/or that might represent a violation of their rights, is strictly forbidden.
    Repsol reserves the right to edit and even remove texts that incorporate these types of messages, without warning the user.
  3. Comments/information must be in keeping with the content related to the subject addressed in the blog.
  4. The user shall be completely and solely liable, releasing Repsol and the companies of its Group, for the publication in the blog of any type of comment/information, as well as for any consequences that may derive from them.
    Repsol is not liable for the opinions expressed by the users.
    No information belonging to a third party, or protected by copyright may be published without the express authorisation of the owner.
    The user hereby declares that, with regard to any content published in the blog at his or her instigation:

    1. He/she holds all the licences, rights, authorisation and/or permission necessary for the use and publishing of said content on the “” website, and to authorise its use by Repsol on this website.
    2. He/she has the aforementioned licences, rights, authorisation and/or permission, and grants Repsol a world-wide, non-exclusive licence to reproduce said content on the “” website.

    Repsol and the rest of the Grupo Repsol companies are not liable for the accuracy of the sources of the comments/information made by the users, and are totally exempt from all liability for any complaints, claims and/or lawsuits lodged by third parties with regard to them.

  5. In accordance with Organic Act 15/1999, of 13 December, on personal data protection, users are hereby informed that the personal data provided, voluntarily, by contributing comments to the different entries published on the blog, will be included in a file owned by Repsol, S.A., and will be processed with the sole purpose of being able to identify the authorship of the comments made, and to manage and resolve incidents that might occur. Users hereby guarantee that the personal data provided are true, accurate and complete. Fields marked with an (*) are mandatory. Failure to provide said data prevents users from taking part in the blog.
    Users are also informed that Repsol may publish their name as the user responsible for a comment, and the comments made, indefinitely and free of charge, on the website with the sole purpose of ensuring the dissemination of their contribution among the community of users of the “” website.
    Likewise, users are hereby informed that they may exercise their rights to access, modify, cancel and oppose this data at any time, as well as withdrawing the consent granted. To do so, please send a request (accompanied by a photocopy of your ID document) with the subject “BLOGS” to the following address: REPSOL, S.A. (Servicio de Atención a Clientes PORTAL). Calle Méndez Álvaro, 44. 28045, Madrid.
    Sending comments implies your express and unequivocal consent for the processing of your personal data under the terms set out above.
  6. Repsol reserves the right to change the rules for participating in the blog when deemed necessary. It recommends that the users periodically check the blog participation rules.