Thanks, #GiveMe5!

Hi everybody,

This is my happiest post of the season, as you can imagine. I’m a bit tired after these intense days, and we’ve already made it to Australia after a long trip. It’s been a very exciting weekend, and above all, a great party with the whole team.

I’m tired but I’m also happy with how things have turned out. I swear that I wasn’t even entertaining the idea that I could win in Japan, but in MotoGP, the impossible becomes reality when you least expect it.

We had a great weekend, and we were very competitive from the beginning. On Sunday we set a pace that brought victory in sight, and everything came together to make the win possible. I’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to the Repsol Honda Team for all the work they’ve put into the last races and for making it possible to achieve my dreams once again.

On Sunday night we went to karaoke in Narita, a city halfway between Motegi and Tokyo. The location was perfect because it was close to the airport and we’d be leaving for Australia later. It’s already one of our classic spots; we celebrated the championship there in 2014. As you can imagine, the song we sang the most was We are the Champions by Queen.

The best part of everything that’s happened to me is being able to celebrate with people I’m close to, with my team. Just for this it is worth winning a world championship. I also want to thank all of you for the support you’ve shown me, through the blog, on social media, on the street, or at the circuit. Thank you so much, you are the ones that make racing in MotoGP a wonderful dream to live.

After arriving in Melbourne, I can say I´m back on Earth which. Yesterday I managed to get some rest after a long journey, and today I’ve been playing cricket at the pre-GP event. They taught me to play but I doubt any teams are interested in signing me up, hahaha… Other than that, we are focusing on the weekend, but from now on we’ll be taking a different pace. I want people to see a different Marc who is less “conservative” and who enjoys the race more.

To finish off the post I’d like to send a hug to Dani, who had a rough weekend. Keep your spirits up, Dani! Feel better soon!

Hi Marc! Congratulations on winning the World Championship. Now that you’ve won, will you keep fighting to win? What’s it like having your family and friends so far away?

Hi Andrea.
Thanks for the congratulations. Of course I’m going to keep fighting to win, now I’ll feel a bit less pressure to win the Championship and I’ll be able to give it my all. I’ve got my team with me, and I always say that they are like my second family. Plus, my brother and my dad were here in Japan. My grandma and my mum saw it from home, but it was as if they were here because they watched it so intensely.

Marc Márquez