This victory is for you!

Hi everyone!

After two years of trying, we finally got a victory in Aragón. It was a perfect weekend with a pole position and a win, but best of all I beat my Championship rivals, which means I can be more optimistic about the coming races.

Aragón was just as special as it always is because it’s near to Cervera, and when I’m there I feel closer to the fan club. I’d like to thank everyone who came along to support me. It makes me feel really proud to be able to dedicate this victory to you all, but the celebration will have to wait because we have a test in MotorLand.

This test will be really important to get ourselves prepared for the three races in Southeast Asia and Australia in two weeks time, which is one of the most demanding parts of the season.

To top off the week, this Friday I will be in Tarragona with all the team riders: Dani, Toni, Fuji, and Jaime. Come along to the event, it´ll be a great show and we’ll have a great time! If you would like to attend, you can find out how to get tickets by visiting this link. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to a good cause.

Hi Marc. My question is: would you like to try out an extreme sport like skydiving or paragliding, or do you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground? All the best for the coming races.

Hi Natasha, thanks for your support.
I’ve thought about it many times but I’ve never “taken the leap” ha ha ha. To be honest, I don’t dare…the track is exciting enough for me! But you never know, I never rule anything out!

Best wishes,
Marc Márquez.