Two challenges completed

Hi everyone!

We have finally concluded these two consecutive GP races in Austria and the Czech Republic and, despite the fact that we didn’t win either of them, the outcome has been positive. The gap between first and second place in the World Standings has got bigger and now we’re looking to Silverstone where we expect a good result.

Brno was full of ups and downs from the start, after almost coming off the bike on Friday and getting pole position on Saturday, I was motivated on Sunday. For the actual race, we placed all our bets on soft tyres because of the rainy forecast, and we expected a flag-to-flag race, but we clearly made a mistake judging by Cal and Valentino’s power on hard tyres.

In the end, I pushed my tyres to the limit to make the podium and I’m pleased with the result considering the gloomy outlook. We had a test the day before yesterday, which was great to keep us moving forward and prepare the bike for the seven races that are still to come. I’ve a good feeling about them, but there is still room for improvement and it is important to go all out on this final leg.

I would like to congratulate Cal because, after all the hard work he and his team have put in, they deserved to win. I would also like to congratulate all of the Spanish athletes who have put on a great performance and given us so much entertainment at the Games in Rio. For me, it’s time to head home now. I think I’ve earned myself a little break after two really busy weeks! And then I need to start training for Silverstone. See you next week.

What crosses your mind when a rider falls in front of you? Do you get scared, do you panic, do you feel anything at all?

Hi Ana,
The first thing you do when this happens is to act instinctively. You know you have to react somehow. Something has happened in front of you and you could end up on the floor, so all you can think about is to try and stay on your bike.

Best wishes,